360 SolChrysalis NFTs to be minted at 0.5sol each.

Morph, build, evolve. 360 uniquely created SolChrysalis to begin a new butterfly colony. Take your chance to build this colony.

Coming Soon


Milestones on the SolChrysalis Journey.

Stage 1


The concept of 360 Chrysalis starts to emerge. THE EGGS ARE CREATED.

Stage 2


The founder brings together a team of a talented artist and a developer. CATERPILLARS HATCHES FROM THE EGGS.

Stage 3


Release all Chrysalises to the Solana blockchain. THE CATERPILLARS FORM CHRYSALIS.

Stage 4

Listing Bugs

List SolChrysalis on all major marketplaces such as,,

Stage 5


The concept of 4640 SolButterflies starts to emerge. Holders of SolChrysalis will be airdropped SolButterflies on the day of launch.

Stage 6

Game Development

Development of a cross platform multiplayer game, with an in-built NFT marketplace.

  • Swallowtail


  • Monarch


  • Fritillary


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the mint?
To be announced. Follow us twitter and join our Discord community.
Will there be a presale?
No presale - All 360 SolChrysalis will be released at the same time.
What’s the total supply of SolChrysalis?
Only 360!
How many SolChrysalis can I mint??
Up to 2.
Which wallet will be available?
You will be able to mint SolChrysalis with Phantom (recommended), Sollet, and Solflare.
Have more Questions?
Join our community on either Discord or Twitter and ask us anything there.